I believe we must constantly remind ourselves that there is a better way. What are your struggles? Your children, marriage, job, ministry, what needs divine attention? I remember early this year when I was so overwhelmed. There were tones of things to do and I felt like I was falling short every time, leaving me with a sense of inadequacy each day. I went to God in prayers to ask for help and He said a phrase that was the game changer for me, ‘Just rest in me’. All of a sudden, my eyes were opened and I realised I was doing more than was necessary, taking on more than I should. As soon as I did only the neccessities, my peace was restored. That’s just one mild example. Yours may be that you argue with your spouse every now and then because you expect him or her to change forgetting that it’s not in your power to change anyone. Perhaps, you’re struggling to get results in an area of life and all efforts prove abortive. We must relinquish control and acknowledge God in all our ways. He speaks, He guides, He leads. Submit your weaknesses to Him and exchange them for His strength. His direction sometimes seem too simple that we feel it can’t possibly be our answer but once we learn to just follow His leading, our struggles go away and His peace fills our heart. I’m not saying that your answers will come instantly everytime, but when we truly relinquish control, we are rest assured that He has taken the wheel.

I tell you, the best thing you can ever pray for in life is revelation. When God opens your eyes, that mountain will turn to plain. Man is limited, only God is unlimited. You can’t fix it on your own, relinquish control now.

Now do we just put things in God’s hands and say, ‘Over to You Lord’? No. There is always what to know and what to do to end struggles. Knowing comes with searching and seeking while doing comes with strength and enablement. We must go for light. Every opportunity to learn is an opportunity to be free. It’s the truth that sets free. In fact, I’ve come to understand that if I think I know it and I’m not getting results, then I don’t know it. I must unlearn what I think I know to learn what will yield results for me. Jesus said, “Even if you don’t believe me, believe in the works that I do”. Our results validate the truth we claim to know. The presence of light is the absence of darkness so wipe your tears and seek light. Pride is a thief of freedom, it keeps in bondage. Even Jesus Christ had to learn so who are we to not to. Let’s say this prayer together:

Heavenly father, I realise I’ve been trying to fix things on my own and I’m so sorry for this. I acknowledge You as the fixer so I put this issue (mention it) in your hand. I humble myself before you and I listen to and learn from you. Please, teach me what to do and give me the strength to follow through to see the end of it. I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

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