What Are You Buying?

What Are You Buying?

Every humanbeing has a mind battle to fight. The mind is very powerful and can make or break anyone. Someone once said to me, “Perspective is the new reality.” I didn’t understand what this meant till later. Whatever we perceive could get stored up and interpreted in our minds as the truth and form a major stronghold that could keep us in perpetual bondage.

Let me put things in perspective…. if i am the most beautiful person on earth but for some reason, i perceive myself as unloved, unattractive and unwanted, i will never see that beauty no matter how much i look in the mirror or if i post a picture of myself posing in front of a mansion with the caption, “Finally, God has done it”, a lot of people will congratulate me for buying or building a new house because that’s what they perceive, whereas the truth may be that i was so ill and God healed me so on the way to a friend’s house, i got so excited about how much strength and ability i now have that i stopped at a mansion close by to take a picture. How many times have our perception put us in trouble? See ehn, we may have no control over what is being sold but we sure have control over what we buy.

It’s dangerous not to have God’s word in us. It’s dangerous not to know the truth. It’s dangerous to let our fleshly perceptions rule us. So because you did good and got hurt, you have vowed not to help people anymore. That, my friend, is called a stronghold of the mind. You perceive that people are generally not worth helping and even though that’s far from the truth, it has become your reality. We don’t have to be a product of our bad experiences instead we can choose to be a living expression of God’s word, here a little, there a little, precept upon precept. We can tell our burnt fingers that we refuse to buy the lies they are trying to sell to us. We’ll rather stick with the word. We’ll rather love and forgive, we’ll rather keep giving and helping, we’ll rather keep speaking the truth in love. Most times, strongholds are formed without even realizing it and that’s the dangerous part. Before you know it, you’ve spent 20 years of your life believing a lie based on your perception…

Gen 3:6 says, when Eve SAW👀 that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, …… she ate and gave to Adam. That’s what the enemy lives for, he wants to make us see things from his perspective so he can trap and ground us. So i ask you again, “What are you buying? What are you saying yes to? What do you perceive? What are you accepting as truth?” by all means let’s choose wisely. It doesn’t matter how we feel, if it goes against God’s word, it must be resisted.

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