The Top of a Step is the Bottom of Another

The Top of a Step is the Bottom of Another

I love the fact that top of a step is the bottom of another. It teaches me that in life, there is always more….. more to learn, more to know, more to give, more to receive, more to do, more to be and much more. Life is in stages. God showed us a perfect example of this in the creation of the heavens and the earth. He did one thing after the other, step by step for six days. My question is that couldn’t He have made it all at once? We need to learn to enjoy where we are per time. Tell yourself, “This is not the end, it’ll get better, it’s not over till i win” but by all means, enjoy the process. Comparison is a thief of joy, those who compare themselves with themselves are not wise. What’s even your yardstick for comparison? It’s funny how the best student in a school can go to another school and be among the bottom 5. Our goal should be to partner with the Holy Spirit in fulfilling our destiny, not somebody else’s. It’s your life, your story, your journey, enjoy it. The irony of life is that the young want to be old and the old want to be young again. Just enjoy the stage you’re in because it’s not going to last forever. Time passes, things change.Those who you are looking up to were probably once worse than you till they out grew that level. Struggling will only make things worse. No child struggles to grow physically, except he is not feeding well. So if we’ve been on a spot for too long, we need to check what we’ve been feeding on. Sometimes the problem is not that we are not growing at all but that we feel our growth is not fast enough. It’s our responsibility to feed and position ourselves well and God’s responsibility to give the increase. Promotion comes from God not by struggle. Someone once said to me, “no matter how much you speed on the road, you’ll always meet another vehicle ahead.” It doesn’t even make sense to struggle to overtake someone else on the road when you are not even going to the same destination. Another major reason people stay on the same spot may be due to strongholds; satanic strongholds. To be continued….

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