We live in a dog-eat-dog world; many people competing for the same things and it’s very easy to be relegated to the background or throw your hands up and give up. Many people feel like they just don’t fit in anywhere and this can lead to depression or even suicide. Others live in constant strife and contention and this is really unfortunate. Let’s take a quick trip through two stories i believe we can learn.

A young boy had a gift, he could interpret dreams. You’d think this should have made him the cool kid in the block but no, that wasn’t the case. He was labelled, envied and eventually sold off by his own flesh and blood who had prior beef with him. You can imagine how crushed he felt and for some of us, this may have led us to bury our gift and say no more of this dream interpretation thing. Well, that wasn’t the case either. He continued to use his gift even after he got locked up and it seemed like he had outdone BROOKS himself again. The story gets better…
This gift ended up being his ticket out of prison.
It became the saving grace of the very ones who sold him, including his whole generation.
While your own blood brothers haven’t sold you off, or at least i hope not, you may relate well to this story. Do you sometimes feel wierd, different and misunderstood? Have you decided to just stay in that little safe box where everyone can love and accept you? This boy named Joseph held on to what made him different until God used that very thing to make room for him.
Here’s another short story.

Story 2: There was a man whose success attracted lots of enemies. They got back at him by clogging up the wells his father’s servants dug and on the instruction of the leader, he was thrown out of the town. He changed locations and hit a home run but that was short lived as well, due to the connivance of some residents. This went on until his third relocation.
Finally, his enemies got it. They finally
understood that the blessing was in the man and wherever he went, the blessing went with him.
Guess what? Those same people eventually came back, with their tails between their legs to apologise and seek favour from this man.

You are not left out There is room for you too. To envy others or be intimidated by others mildly put, means we don’t know who we are and what we carry. In Fact, it’s an insult to the creativity and wisdom of God when we wish we are like someone else. You were never a mistake. You were planned by God. He put treasures in earthen vessels that the excellency of power may be of Him and not of us. (2 cor 4:7)

The very thing you despise about yourself may be the very thing God wants to use to announce you. If there was no need for you, you wouldn’t be on earth. You are the piece of a puzzle that can never be complete without you so it’s time to wake up and find out why you came.

Light doesn’t struggle to prove a point, it simply shines. I love the MSG version of John 1:5, it says, “The Life-Light blazed out of darkness and darkness could not put it out.” If you are a carrier of the light of God, you can’t be put out, you can’t diminish.

It takes connection to the Source to guarantee constant supply; of ideas, solutions, material needs and everything else. Christ in us is the hope of glory. While trees have their seasons of shedding leaves, the bible says that our leaves will not wither as long as we remain connected to Him (Psalm 1:1-3) Go ahead and call yourself Ever-green. I am particularly excited about the part that says whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.

So could it be that the problem is not that job, not the plots and plans of those who hate us, not the economy but our connection to the Source?
It’s high time we dug deeper into our walk with God. The more we follow God, the more we find our purpose and relevance in life. We also receive the strength needed to passionately pursue and actualize purpose and He leads us in the right direction to get the skills needed. Mathew 4:19…Follow me and i will MAKE you fishers of men.
Your making is in your following God.
It doesnt matter how many people are already doing that business, there is room for us all to shine.

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